Zimbal Mink

CIRCA 1954

While serving in Korean War, Robert Zimbal wrote his fiance, Audrey, and told her when he returned he would like to build a mink farm with her, and she agreed. On August 24, 1954 he returned home and to marry Audrey. As a wedding gift they received 5 pastel mink. From those 5 mink they built an award-winning farm that now houses over 400,000 certifiable mink.

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Certifiably Eco-Friendly

We purchase inedible products from local beef plants, and cheese companies that would otherwise go to waste. Because of that we are able to save 25 million tons of food from going to waste. This food is used for maintaining a healthy diet for mink. Click below to learn more about how we choose to be eco-friendly. 

Award winning furs

Zimbal Mink has been producing the highest quality of mink fur since 1954.  With award winning mink noted for its consistency in color, size, hair length and attention to the fine guard hair and deep plush underwool. With hundreds of awards won over the years it’s no wonder Zimbal Mink is the most sought after mink brands in the world. Click the button below to view all our awards.

“We strive to be the best and to exceed the standards in our industry.  Working with our customers at the fashion level, we know what they want and can continue to give them the product they expect.”

– Bob Zimbal
CEO of Zimbal Mink