Did you know that mink food reduces waste that would otherwise be in a landfill? Zimbal Mink makes 25 million tons of food per year!

Zimbal mink makes fresh food daily for the animals.  Mink are carnivores and their diet consists of high quality protein found from Wisconsin’s rich animal agriculture community.   We purchase these inedible bi-prodctus from local beef plants, and cheese companies that could otherwise go to waste and end up in a landfill  and providing a source of revenue for these agriculture producers, which can help subsidize food costs for consumers.   We use them to make high quality food daily for our mink.  This is one of the main components to raising high quality mink.  Their diet is very important and making sure they get high quality water all year round even in the cold.  The water is on a filtered circulation system that is heated in the winter months and chilled in the summer months and is readily available for them to drink whenever they wish.  It’s the attention to detail that makes Zimbal mink the highest quality.  

Natural Fur - the sustainable Green choice

Fur is also very green and sustainable.  Mink is a natural fiber unlike synthetic fur or better to say plastic fur.  Mink fur garments are typically worn for many generations and have the ability to be restyled whereas plastic or faux fur is only worn for a season and then thrown out.  If someone chooses to get rid of their mink coat it will biodegrade into the earth where it came from.  But faux fur is made of polyester which is plastic which is a form of oil and it will never biodegrade into the earth, which means they will end up in our oceans and filling up landfills. 

Click the video below to see Zimbal Mink’s feeding process. 

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